Educational Institutions

Several educational streams – both “bachelor” & “master”, academic and professionnal, are available in the micro and nanotech fields in numerous fields of engineering at the following educational institutes:

EPFL – Federal Polytechnical School in Lausanne

EPFL has 7 faculties and more than 13 complete study programs, including one in microtechnology. 5’000 students whereof 1’200 at the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering Technology.

University of Neuchâtel 

The University of Neuchâtel has 5 faculties including one in sciences. It counts approx. 3’700 students. The LTF (The Time-Frequency Laboratory), created in 2007 is a part of the Institute of Physics in the Faculty of Sciences

University of Geneva

The University of Geneva has 7 faculties and more than 13’000 students, including 2’100 in sciences.

University of Fribourg

The University of Freiburg comprises 5 faculties including one in sciences and counts more than 10’000 students, including 1’200 in sciences.

University of Lausanne

The University of Lausanne has 7 faculties and more than 10’000 students, including 2’000 at the Faculty of Biology and Medicine.

HTI – Bernese College of Specialized Higher Education of Technology and Information Sciences, Bienne, Burgdorf et Bern

HTI offers 5 study programs at Bachelor’s level, one in Microtechnology, and one at Master’s level in Biomedical Engineering. This school counts 1’300 students.

HES-SO – University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland

Dispersed over 31 sites in the 7 cantons of western Switzerland. 6 broad categories of education are offered, including engineering sciences. HES-SO totals 12’000 students, including 550 in Microtechnology and Industrial Systems. In engineering sciences, HES-SO groups the 5 schools mentioned below:

HE-Arc Engineering School, Le Locle, Saint-Imier et Délémont

HE-Arc Engineering offers 3 study programs, including microtechnology. Over 480 students are enrolled at the school.

EIG – School of Engineering of Geneva, Geneva

EIG offers 5 study programs, including microtechnology and counts about 450 students.

HEIG-VD-University of Engineering and Management of the Canton of Vaud, Yverdon-les-Bains

HEIG-VD proposes 9 study programs, including microtechnology and industrial systems and totals more than 1’500 students.

School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg, Fribourg

EIAF proposes 5 study programs in engineering, with a specialty in telecommunications, and counts more than 850 students.

HES-SO Valais

The HES-SO Valais proposes three areas of education leading to a Bachelor degree: Social Health, Engineering Sciences, Economics & Business Services. It counts more than 12’000 students, including 7’000 in the field of Engineering Sciences.