About Micronarc


Micro. Nano. Arc. Three key concepts condensed into a single name and representing a unique region. They incorporate an economic and socio- cultural reality: the outstanding scope of competencies in micro and nanotechnologies located in the region encompassed by the twin mountainous arcs of the Jura and the Alps. Micronarc is the dedicated communication platform of that region.


A Unique Hub of Competence. The twin mountain arcs of the Jura and the Alps are far more than simply a striking geographical feature of Western Europe. They also encompass a region boasting superior industrial expertise that has developed into an unparalleled centre of competence in the fields of micro and nanotechnology. Deeply rooted in centuries-old traditions, the region’s passion for innovation and extreme precision is reflected in its exceptionally dense network of institutes of higher learning, research centres and private enterprises. The resultant symbiosis can be seen in an outstanding track record of joint research-applications projects, successful technology transfers and innovation cycles. Ever present is that certain «savoir-faire» that is inseparable from the Latin spirit: where even technology is touched by the humanistic dimension. Here, in this natural environment, you will find a socio-economic framework and a political atmosphere that is totally compatible with individual and collective progress.


A single platform of communication. Micronarc is a communication platform created by the governments of the seven cantons that constitute Western Switzerland (Berne, Fribourg, Geneva, Jura, Neuchâtel, Valais and Vaud). Its mission is to contribute towards:

  • Developing and promoting the regional scientific, industrial and economic base in the sectors of micro and nanotechnology, as well as its educational structures, R&D facilities, technology transfer, inward investment and its enterprises
  • Encouraging seamless interaction between all participants
  • Attracting other creative and innovative forces, generating jobs and ensuring future generations of a qualified workforce
  • Acting as a permanent source of reliable and accessible information, serving as an instrument for the dissemination and exchange of knowledge, both professional and public.


To achieve these objectives, Micronarc will set up and maintain the following principal resources:

  • Management and operation of an internet portal www.micronarc.ch
  • Establish a strong presence at the international level, most notably through the organisation of grouped stands at industry trade shows.
  • Organisation of professional and public events
  • Providing information, networking possibilities and establishing business relations.