Research Centers and Labs

Principal Research Centers and Laboratories

Western Switzerland is home to several world-renowned research centers and institutes. Hundreds of active researchers in domains closely related to micro and nanotechnology often seek parterships with the private sector. The principal centers and institutes are listed here:


Swiss Center of Electronics and Microtechnology, Inc., is a privately held research and development company specializing in micro and nanotechnology, systems engineering and information technology. It employs 300 persons at 3 sites and has created 23 spin-offs and start-ups.

HTI – Bernese College of Specialized Higher Education of Technology and Information Sciences, Biel, Burgdorf and Bern

The microtechnology section of HTI employs 50 collaborators who conduct research in laboratories of microtechnology, nanotechnology, optics, robotics and sensors.

HES-SO – University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland

In the field of engineering sciences, HES-SO groups the 5 following schools conducting research in close collaboration with industry:

HE-Arc Engineering School – Le Locle, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Saint-Imier

The engineering field of Haute Ecole Arc organises and focuses its research and development activities within 12 research groups.

EIG – School of Engineering of Geneva, Geneva

EIG consists of 5 research institutes, including the one of microtechnology comprising 7 groups of competence in the field of microtechnology with more than 15 research laboratories.

HEIG-VD – University of Engineering and Management of the Canton of Vaud, Yverdon-les-Bains.

HEIG-VD comprises 7 institutes including the one of micro and nanotechnologies

EIAF – School of engineers and architects of Fribourg, Fribourg.

EIAF conducts activities in applied research in three institutes, including the Institute of Industrial Technology

HES-SO Valais

HES-SO Valais has more than 10 institutes with a large variety of domains. The Institute of Industrial Systems employs 70 people.

EPFL – Federal Polytechnical School in Lausanne / IMT

With more than 250 laboratories and research groups, the EPFL is one of the largest clusters of researchers in Switzerland. In particular, Micro and nanotechnologies are the main focuses of the Institute of Microtechnology (IMT), composed of 24 laboratories and 500 professors and doctoral students. Since January 1, 2009 the EPFL-IMT is composed of two sites : Lausanne and Neuchâtel – making it one of the largest micro-nano research institutes in the world.

University of Neuchâtel

Its Faculty of Sciences comprises 8 institutes. It has 7 laboratories and a little over 140 employees.

University of Geneva

Each of the 7 faculties at the University counts several institutes. The Institute of Physics of the faculty of sciences conducts activities in micro and nanotechnology research, particularly in the group of applied physics.

University of Fribourg

The physics department employs more than 70 people in 4 research groups, including one in solid state physics.

University of Lausanne…

The University of Lausanne counts over 140 research units, grouped within seven faculties. More than 2’000 researchers work there. The Faculty of Biology and Medicine conducts research in collaboration with the EPFL.