Industrial Expertise

A unique hub of industrial expertise

Tens of thousands of highly qualified professionals in the application and production departments of over two thousand companies of all sizes in Western Switzerland are working at the cutting edge of technology in the micro- and nanotechnology sector.



Inheriting a multi-disciplinary tradition in high-tech industry, more than 2000 specialized companies, resolutely international and multilingual, make up the indispensable dense fabric necessary for carrying out innovative research at a very high level in an industry of excellence, be it watchmakingelectronics and micro-electronicstelecommunicationssecuritymeasuring instrumentation and sensor sectors or that of biomedical instruments…

The competences found in this exceptional industrial network of course also appear in key sectors, such as machineryindustrial and automation equipment, as well as at the service of the automotive industry, aeronauticsspace technology, new materials and energy.