Host: Swiss Chronometry Society (SSC)
28 September 2023

How would our watches work without the transmission of energy from the barrel to the balance through the set of wheels? Since the beginning of watchmaking until today, many innovations have appeared, new materials, as well as multiple patents and standards were born.

How can the next generation be assured without the transmission of know-how and training? The schools/training centers are working tirelessly to ensure the next generation of professionals and are developing new training programs to better meet the needs of the industry. And some of tomorrow’s jobs are not yet known!

The watch as such represents an object that is transmitted from generation to generation, just like the values of a brand. The iconic aspect of certain watches that have endured over time have transformed them into true collector’s items, which can be endlessly adapted.
The 2023 study day will be an opportunity to take stock through the proposed conferences.
Speakers are invited to submit proposals addressing the following topics:

  • Mechanical transmission: what innovations in energy transmission for a mechanical watch? How can we further improve the reliability and performance of current transmission systems?
  • Transmission of knowledge, know-how and data: good practices implemented and needs for the future, collaborations between schools and companies, traceability and predictions for reliability
  • Family transmission: the importance of keeping the values of a company alive and well for employees and customers