Organisation & Governance

The day-to-day operations of Micronarc are assured by its Executive Secretary, the FSRM, in cooperation with the GIM-CH.

Micronarc’s annual activities are approved by its governing body, the Ministries of economic affairs of Western Switzerland (CDEP-SO).

A committee of experts has been appointed whose role is to propose the activities and general strategic orientation of the platform. The members of the Micronarc Committee of Experts are :

Membre Institution Représentation Canton
Président :
Rivier, Vincent
Etat NE Etat NE
Jacot, Jacques EPFL Formation/recherche Tous
Kotrotsios, Georges CSEM Recherche Tous
Racine, Martial ad personam Recherche/formation NE
Marquis Weible,
Association Suisse pour la
Recherche Horlogère
Recherche/formation Tous
Jaquet, Reynold Cluster Précision Entreprises BE
Hengsberger, Stefan EIA Fribourg Recherche/formation FR
Rubino, Antonio GIM-CH Entreprises VD
Office de Promotion des Industries et des Technologies State GE
von Roten, Guillaume CimArk Entreprises VS
Chautems, Frédéric MPS AG Private Sector JU
Codourey, Alain Asyril start-up Tous
Monti, Max HES-SO / HE-Arc Formation/recherche Tous
Fischer, Philippe FSRM Formation/recherche Tous

General Inquiries
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