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From January 9 to 12, 2024, in Las Vegas, the
unveiled the major trends set to shape the technological landscape:

➡️AI has attracted significant investment, oriented towards beneficial applications such as sustainability and inclusivity. The emphasis is on personalization, simplicity and accessibility for consumers. AI, beyond content generation, extends from the realm of chips to that of robots, creating a horizontal wave of innovation affecting all industries. 🤖🦾

➡️ Digital healthcare has shone withAI-backed smart solutions, offering personalized and accessible care.

➡️ Energy has been rethought with features such as smart plugs and charging stations for electric vehicles, helping to reduce the energy footprint.

➡️ Inclusivity and sustainability stood out as cross-cutting themes, underlining the crucial role of technology in bridging access gaps and addressing environmental challenges.

In this race for innovation, the Swiss micro-nanotechnology industry is strategically positioned. It is actively contributing to these emerging trends, shaping a promising and socially responsible technological future!

In addition to technological advances, the
CES 2024
was the scene of enriching encounters and fascinating exchanges, making it an unforgettable experience.

Many thanks to Mélusine Perrier of Switzerland Global Enterprise for organizing this delegation, and to Bruno Chanel, Thierry Weber and Laurent Eymard 🌈 of Swiss4Tech, for guiding our Swiss delegation through this maze of innovations. 🙏