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Dear reader,

Welcome to the fourth edition of your Micro&Nano Mag, published by Micronarc, the micrnanotech cluster of Western Switzerland. This is a special enhanced edition with more than 100 pages in order to include a brandnew Digital Section.

Our goal is to valorize and promote the most innovative products and technologies from our region. We invite you to discover the new developments of more than 35 inspiring companies and organizations:

  • miniature atomic vaporcell Quantum devices, for sensing and metrology,
  • new industrial humanoid robots, as well as sophisticated microassembly machines and smart factories,
  • medical innovations and wearable devices for early detection of cancer with 3D array of ultrasound probes,
  • top level education, research and innovation centers, incubators and facilitators from the 7 cantons of Western Switzerland,
  • high precision processes and new materials with superior levels of performance, up to concrete 3D printing!
  • Edge AI, Industry 4.0, IoT, Telemedecine, smart water solutions,
  • traditional and hybrid time masterpieces, with connected functionalities and solar energy system,
  • new successful and innovative business models like watchmaking crowdfunding campaigns,
  • electric-hydrogen racing prototypes, in a domain with a promising future.

The innovations that will shape this future, will benefit from past and present ones «nani gigantum humeris insidentes», i.e. «dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants». While Switzerland has mastered time for the past 3.5 centuries, dematerialization’s pace has quite accelerated in the last decades. Us or our children will live the «technological singularity». Then the new paradigm will be transhumanism. Undeniably, micro&nanotechnologies, the core domain of Micronarc, will play a key role in these transformations to come.

We wish you a happy reading!