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Dear reader,

Welcome to the third edition of your Micro&Nano Mag ! It is proudly published by Micronarc, the micronanotech cluster of Western Switzerland, and its eminent partners.

Our goal is to present you with some of the most innovative products and technologies from our region.

  • Looking back at the three past decades, we must realize the tremendous impact that microtechnology had on our daily life:
    smartphones became our «best friends»: they combine powerful chips and microelectronics, digital cameras (microoptics), great functions based on gps and sensors (microphones, antenna, accelerometers,…), high resolution display, advanced technology batteries, etc.
  • cars, trains and planes bring us every day, miles away, in a safer and cheaper way! These vehicles are «moving labs» incorporating the latest microtechnology discoveries in energy, connectivity, security and also autopilot (for many years for planes and now for trains and cars)!
  • medical devices are enhancing our lifespan and health. Pacemakers, insulin pumps, knee and hip prosthesis, dental implants, spine orthopedics, etc, are all successful microtechnology developments. As well as many surgery, imaging and diagnosis instruments, to name a few: endoscopes, scanners/x-ray/ultrasound machines, equipment to measure ECG/EEG/ blood pressure/sugar level, etc.
  • Should we mention tablets, flat screens, virtual reality headsets, drones, robots, smartwatches or satellites?…

The acceleration of technological achievements has reached an unprecedented growth and Switzerland is a key contributor, thanks to the hard work and strong synergies, between several entities, sharing best practices on a daily basis: top universities, outstanding research institutes, highly qualified facilitators and of course, companies daring to innovate.

So, are you ready to explore Western Switzerland and would you like to join us on our booths to exhibit your activities locally and abroad? Please, check our program of events at the end of this Micro&Nano Mag !

We wish you a happy reading !