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Dear reader,

Welcome to the second edition of your Micro&Nano Mag! It is proudly published by Micronarc, the micro-nanotech cluster of Western Switzerland, and its eminent partners.

Our goal is to present you with some of the most innovative products and technologies from our region and to introduce you to the mystery of its prosperity and longevity. Indeed, how can such a small country and region remain, over centuries, the reference for accuracy, reliability and of course legendary SwissMade quality? Not only of its products and services, but also quality of life… How is it possible that, in a radius of 10 miles, you can still drive by all the most prestigious leading names of the watchmaking industry? And did you know that they produce, in quantity, only 2% of the watches worldwide? But… they succeed in owning, every year, 54% of the total turnover of this industry!

Nevertheless, as you’ll discover in this magazine, this is not a renewed overnight miracle! It comes with hard work and strong synergies, between several entities, sharing best practices on a daily basis: top universities, outstanding research institutes, highly qualified facilitators and of course, companies daring to innovate, targeting the world as their first market – because we are only 8.2 million people in Switzerland (source: Swiss Federal Statistical Office in Neuchâtel, for 2015), with a rich percentage of 25% of foreigners (you can move the adjective «rich» wherever you want)!

Are you ready to see:

  • A micro sensor, detecting forces of 0.01 N, with an accuracy of up to +/- 0.1% combined error (linearity + hysteresis)?
  • The first 3D Cell Explorer, fitting on your desktop, to observe living cells, without any preparation or invasive process?
  • Cutting-edge technologies for low power components and optimized protocols?
  • New generations of original biometrics smartwatches?
  • Specialized universities, institutes and facilitators supporting the Swiss industry, including the 4.0?
  • 3D printers of «Digital Materials» formulated during the building process, with multiple colors.
  • SwissMade machines and processes to help the world to master precision and reliability but also, for our own watchmaking industry?
  • The best clocks for satellites? Our Atomic clocks!
  • How Swiss quality is a key asset for medtech innovations?
  • Nanoplastics with megaproperties? Etc.

And of course several masterpieces celebrating their own artistic vision of time with brands like Vacheron Constantin, Jaquet Droz, Rolex, Bovet and Richard Mille…

And a special tribute from Micronarc to Caran d’Ache for their 100th Anniversary: one century of exceptional writing instruments, crafting beauty and emotion, to constantly inspire generations of passionate fans, fathers, mothers and children, drawing together unforgettable pages of their lives.

So, are you ready to explore Western Switzerland and would you like to join us on our booths to exhibit your activities locally and abroad? Please, check our program of events at the end of this Micro&Nano Mag!

We wish you a happy reading!